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Camptys Foundation seeks to improve the lives of disabled people living in deprived communities around the world by working with individuals and organisations to provide equipment and services to frontline agencies working with those individuals.


Your donations enable us to acquire equipment and services that promote the individuals' learning, health,  play and employability; and  boost their chances of leading active lives and achieving their full potential.


Whether you wish to make a personal donation, organise a fundraising event or simply volunteer your services, we appreciate your support and no contribution is considered too small. 

We raise funds from donor organisations for redistribution

We canvass support from those who can assist

We support frontline organisations that serve disabled people

We raise awareness of the plight of disabled people

The Pocket Learner Educational Development Programme

The Pocket Learner eductional development system is an innovative programme administered by Camptys Foundation and aims primarily at enabling children with  cognitive disabilities to develop vocabulary and learn to read. The multi award-winning system is a simple tool builds communication skills and develops self confidence,  effectively complementing traditional learning methodologies.

The System can be applied to the learning of a range of subject areas and be used by individuals who simply embrace another way of learning. It is useful not only to disabled children but to any child or adult with learning and reading issues.  The system is being used  parents and teachers alike and has had rave reveiws from a range of educational professionals.

Camptys Foundation is keen to involve the wider society in providing access to children from poorer countries in an endeavour to give disabled  children in particular, an opportunity to aspire and  hope  for a better, more productive and inclusive future.  For more information please visit the Pocket Learner website or contact us to discuss how you may become involved.


There are millions of children and adults who live with some type of physical, mental, intellectual or sensorial disability in the Americas. At least 50 million of them live in Latin America and the Caribbean alone.  In the UK alone around 1.5 million people have a learning disability. It's thought up to 350,000 people have a severe learning disability and the figure is increasing.

Children with special needs, complex medical conditions or developmental disabilities, are challenged with an array of conditions from premature birth, chronic illnesses, or severe injuries. These conditions often require a continuum of medical, educational, and rehabilitative long-term care and specialized services.

Camptys Foundation Mandate

To improve the life experience of individuals living with disability across the world, by raising awareness of their conditions and coordinating support from individuals, organisations and donor agencies.

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