Get to know us

We are a UK based group of professionals who coordinate support for disabled people living in deprived communities in the UK and across the globe. Established groups working with disabled people in deprived communities can apply to us for financial and in-kind support based on donations we receive from philanthropists from time to time. We aim to assist organisations to provide better facilities for disabled people.

How you can help

  • Become a donor

  • Give one off or ad hoc donations

  • Hold fundraising events for our charity

  • Donate items we can sell in our shop

  • Attend our fundraising events

  • Purchase items from our shop

  • Help us to increase awareness of our work

  • Volunteer your services

  • Remember us in your will

Our Mission

We're on a mission to improve the life experience of individuals living with disability across the world, by raising awareness of their conditions and coordinating support from individuals, organisations and donor agencies.

Our Vision

Camptys Foundation explores ways of supporting disabled adults in disadvantaged communities. We are seeking to develop a holistic service by building capacity to facilitate progression for disabled children. However, the needs of children living with disability and the organisations that seek to empower them are central to the work of the organisation.

With assistance from the wider community Camptys Foundation is able to widen access to disadvantaged, deprived communities to enhance the lives of disabled people by providing facilities that promote education, play, employability and health, thus enabling these individuals to aspire for a better future.

a handicapped sign in the middle of a field
a handicapped sign in the middle of a field